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"No matter how bad things may seem to you,

     things are never as bad as they may seem to you!"                               Wm. Bryce Gammeter             




“There is good life after Trauma”

Barbara K. Gammeter is dedicated to helping children and adults recover from the situations in life that have resulted  in  Trauma.  All kinds of sudden and unexpected events happen that can become traumatic. Natural and Man-made disasters, Crime, Failing to carry a pregnancy to term, Caring for aging parents,   Death of a loved one,  Loss of a loved one to Suicide,  Chronic Injury or Illness,  War, Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse,  Sexual Abuse,  Bullying,  Financial, Divorce,  Relocation during formative periods in life, Adoption, Chronic Mental Health Issues in loved ones,  Addiction issues in a loved one, just to name some of the obvious ones.

Many adults have unresolved trauma from childhood that continues to exert a negative impact on the quality of the person’s life. Also, many people become identified to themselves by the trauma that they have experienced years in the past. For example:  “I am the Bank President, and I was an abused child.” If we don’t deal with our trauma, we drag it around with us and it drains the life out of us and those who have relationships with us. 

Unresolved trauma robs children of what is supposed to be their carefree and fun years. Trauma sets children up to be vulnerable for anything that will make the bad feelings go away. What they choose is usually the wrong thing which creates even more problems for them.


I want to work with you to help you resolve your trauma issues, and the symptoms you experience because of your trauma. If Trauma has robbed you of your childhood, don't  let the robber have your adulthood too.

                                  WE DEAL WITH MORE THAN TRAUMA 

  We work with Depression and Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Bullying, School Behavior Issues, Emotional Dysregulation, ADHD, ADD, Adjustment Disorders, Phobias, OCD, Autism Spectrum, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Family & Divorce Issues, Parenting, Anger Management,  Self Harm,  Couples Counseling, Suicidal Ideation, Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse Issues, Neglect, Domestic Violence Recovery, Adoption Issues, and Cognitive Issues.




Barbara K Gammeter received a Bachelor Degree double majoring in in Psychology and Social Work from McMurry University. She earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Resource Development from South Dakota State University West River Graduate Center. At graduation, she was also awarded the Student Leadership Award. During her Master’s Work, she completed a 600 hour internship at Ft. Meade Veteran’s Hospital in the Drug and Alcohol Inpatient Treatment Center. She is a Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor and holds a valid license to practice in South Dakota.


Barbara worked at Youth and Family Services working with trauma for almost 10 years. Barbara is a Certified Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist  Barbara trained in Minneapolis for EMDR. After that, she worked with a EMDR approved Consultant, and became an EMDRIA Board Certified Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapist after treating 200 clients with EMDR. She does EMDR and TF-CBT with children and adults. She holds a National Board Certified Counselor credential.  


Barbara is trained to help with spiritual issues in an intercultural setting.  She has been providing services relating to counseling in a variety of settings since 1977.  She is a member of the American Mental Health Counseling Association, South Dakota EMDR and EMDRIA Association:  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, International. In 2010, Barbara was the recipient of the Western South Dakota Child Protection Council Award.  

Barbara has received special training in using EMDR with military personnel. She is a fully trained to treat trauma in adults, children, and families.  She is available to provide Critical Incident Care to victims of crime, wrecks, fires,  and families of persons completing suicide.   Critical Incident Care helps prevent PTSD in police, fire-fighters, emergency personnel, and others affected by occupational trauma.

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EMDR is a therapy discovered by Francine Shapiro, MD.  EMDR uses  several forms of bilateral stimulation to speed up information processing in the brain. It has been described as adaptive information processing therapy.


Studies have shown EMDR to be  an evidence based therapy for trauma and many other conditions. EMDR brings in calming and mindfulness work.

EMDR is appreciated for being able to work with trauma victims, resolving the trauma without needing to go into verbal detail with the therapist about the hard to describe parts of the trauma.  EMDR is not magic. EMDR does not erase the memory, it takes the pain out of the memory and it doesn't hurt your health or your mind anymore.  Many mindfulness resources are learned and used. 


A therapy that is an expansion of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy [CBT] targeted to address trauma in children and adults.


In the 1960s, CBT was the therapy pioneered by Dr. Aaron T Beck that helped people better understand the relationship between their thoughts and their emotions and behaviors.


Compliments both therapies and enhances EMDR work with Children and Adults. It also helps with lengthening ability to focus, long term planning, following instructions, calming, and healthy & safe emotional release. Art therapy also helps with increasing self-esteem.


Daniel is working as both Office Manager and Psych Tech for Gammeter & Associates. He is the voice you will hear on the phone and takes care of the business aspects of the Practice. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from McMurry University in Psychology and a Master’s Degree from South Dakota State University in Counseling and Human Resource Development. Dan was a Baldridge trained Group Quality Control Officer for the 821st Space Group, Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado.       


Daniel was also the Chief of Security Police for 12th Space Ballistic Missile Early Warning Squadron. He has 20 years of  experience as an enlisted and regular commissioned Security Forces member.  Dan has 21 years of experience working with the State of South Dakota as a Quality Control Specialist.


Dan has been providing services relating to counseling for twelve years on Pine Ridge, Eagle Butte, and Rosebud Reservations, and is sensitive and informed to the needs of the people. Dan served on both the Whispering Pines Volunteer Fire Board for ten years and the Spring Canyon Water Board.

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Gammeter & Associates LLC 

Child & Adult Mental Health Therapy


PO BOX 9052

Rapid City, SD 57709-9052


810 Mountain View Rd (In the Bahr Bldg)
Rapid City, Pennington County 57702

PHONE 605.431.8876

FAX 605.341.0028 or 605.786.5941

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Gammeter & Associates are preferred providers for most insurance companies. We take checks, cash,  credit cards,  EFT (electronic funds transfer), and have a monthly payment plan available.  Gammeter & Associates accept State Medicaid and CHIPs. 

Gammeter & Associates are proud Tricare and VA providers. It is our way of supporting those who keep our country safe, secure, and free. Being retired military, our hearts resonate with our men and women in service. We support all who serve, especially our many civilian first responders; police, fire-fighters,  emergency medical and management personnel.

Gammeter & Associates accepts cash, most insurance plans, major credit cards, electronic funds transfers and can establish monthly payment plans.  


If you are tired of Trauma manipulating and causing symptoms in  your life, we hope that you will decide that now is the time to take the controlling power out of it.   You can learn new tools and techniques to use, and strengthen existing resiliencies and break free. Trauma is not a hopeless barrier  between you and  your dreams.  It is possible to navigate your way through the  obstacles and find the healing path.

      We're looking forward to meeting you soon!

                                Barb and Dan



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